The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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This Sunday is a bit special as we are taking a new step into having an open conversation with you. Tonight at 8PM (GMT+1) we will be hosting our first Tweetchat (#WeRSMchat) and we are looking forward to talk to all of you guys.

Now, back to the news. This week was mostly about the news most users had been dreading for a few weeks now: Instagram has turned on its timeline algorithm and, yes, that means the end of the simple, but yet dysfunctional, chronological timeline. Instagram believes the change will help us “see more of what we really care about” – let’s see…

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During that time, Facebook has been busy trying to convince all of us to switch to Messenger. In fact, the company is “forcing” users to make the move by removing messages from its mobile apps!

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Finally, this is maybe the coolest news I saw this week: rumour has it Snapchat could be launching 3D selfies soon!

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-facebook-empty-wall Create Facebook Posts That Are Only Visible in News Feed Facebook is busy testing out many new features lately. Today I got an new option that allows me to create posts that will not be published to my Timeline, but can be found in News Feed and search results. There is no doubt that this is a test among a few users, but it could certainly be the preview of a very interesting feature for all Facebook users.
wersm-multiple-instagram-accounts-on-android-may-come-with-a-bug-feat Instagram Has Switched On Its Timeline Algorithm– In a blog post, Instagram has confirmed that the new timeline order – based on “seeing the moments you care about first” – is rolling out to profiles worldwide. Instagram explained that we miss about 70% of what is on our feeds today. And this is because Instagram has grown, and there are now too many users, sharing too many photos.
wersm-facebook-adds-advanced-matching-to-its-facebook-pixel Facebook Adds Advanced Matching To Its Facebook Pixel Facebook released advanced matching in the Facebook pixel a few weeks ago, and I am sure many advertisers were excited to hear about it. The new feature allows advertisers to better utilise the data that they have worked so hard getting from their customers. This includes data such as email address, phone number, and more.
wersm-facebook-messenger-or-no-messages Now It’s Messenger, Or No Messages On Facebook – Even though Messenger was launched almost 4 years ago, many Facebook users still aren’t using the app to converse with their friends. Instead, they are very happy to keep on using the messaging function within the Facebook app itself. Well, this is about to end. Facebook is removing the messaging capability from its mobile apps.
wersm-snapchat-sense-3D-selfie How About 3D Selfies On Snapchat? – You like your Snapchat selfies, don’t you? Come on, be honest, you’re not the only one. Did you know that Snapchat accounts for 5% of all selfies shared on the internet everyday. Last week, Snapchat quietly acquired Seene, an Augmented Reality startup which specialises in 3D rendering. And there is no doubt that the aim of this is to incorporate Seene’s tech into Snapchat.

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Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

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