The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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We live in a world where more and more marketers are looking to advertise on social networks. And while paid isn’t always necessary not the best solution, platforms have developed an offering that answers to marketers’ needs. This week, Instagram confirmed that boosted posts – the capacity to promote any post natively from the app – is coming soon. And Facebook started showing ads to non Facebook users, opening up its potential reach to millions, and directly competing with Google and its titanic network.

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Thankfully, there are still people,brands and agencies out there who believe in the power of creativity rather than relying 100% on paid to get their message across. What Snickers did in Australia is a magnificent example on how a good idea, together with a good execution, can be worth all the media spend money in the world. Because, yes, if what you do is amazing, than others will spread the word for you.

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So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-how-instagram-made-a-simple-change-that-made-a-big-difference Instagram Confirmed Boosted Posts Are Coming Soon Instagram is no longer an indieartsy social network. While Facebook left it intact for a while following its acquisition, the world’s favourite photo-sharing network is now flooded with ads, and rest assured more will soon follow.
wersm-facebook-to-target-non-users Facebook Has Now Started Showing Ads To Non-Users – Starting immediately, advertisers will be able to target anyone who visits a website or mobile app within Facebook’s Audience network, whether they are Facebook users or not. This is an important step for the company as it marks the end of its walled-garden strategy.
wersm-you-can-now-notify-a-few-friends-when-you-post-on-facebook You Can Now Notify A Few Friends When You Post On Facebook – This feature has just been spotted in the wild (I got it while posting something yesterday) and hasn’t been officially announced yet, so we don’t know if it’s something that Facebook is just testing for a few users; or if it’s actually a feature that will be rolled out globally. I absolutely love it though!
wersm-snapchat-business-insider-record How To Record Snapchats Without The Sender Knowing – On Snapchat, any content that you shared will disappear immediately after being viewed. Except if you take a screenshot. But then, the sender is notified that you did so. And it doesn’t work for video of course. Not practical. There is a solution however. It comes from Will Wei, senior producer for BI Tech.
wersm-snickers-hungerithm Snickers Bars Get Cheaper When Social Networks Gets Angry – Together with Clemenger BBDO, Snickers Australia launched HUNGERithm, a new app that monitors the overall mood of the internet, and lowers the price of Snickers bars accordingly. The angrier people get online, the lower the price of Snickers bars

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