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How needy do you think you are? This might sound a bit harsh, but it seems Instagram has already decided for us. In a recent search, Elliot Murray found that Instagram has a bunch of boolean values already set on each of our accounts, values that once turned on will give us access to new features such as in-app analytics or the capacity to promote our content. But the most surprising value he discovered was [is_needy] and that tells us a lot about what the platform understands about us.

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Coming back to platforms news, Facebook has officially released video comments this week, together with its new Live Map that lets us find and watch Live broadcasting from anywhere in the world.

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All this made us think this week about how the future of social media marketing might be and one thing that kept on coming back is that in their quest for more (more engagement, more awareness) social media marketers have forgotten some of the basics of social media. Organic reach isn’t dead, it’s us who are not able to get the most of it, or maybe it is that we expect too much of it. But I will let you read on and decide for yourselves.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-instagram-hiddent Instagram May Have Classified You As “Needy” – Just in the recent weeks, we have heard of video carousel ads, rumours of new business profiles, and even in-app analytics. But Elliot Murray, Head of Innovation at The Social Chain , has just discovered something rather… interesting.
wersm-cost-per-view-bidding-now-available-to-all-advertisers-facebook-video-ads You Can Now Comment On Facebook Using Videos – Time to celebrate! Facebook has just rolled out video comments! That’s right, you can use the power of ‘the moving image’ when commenting on your friends’ status updates. The update is available on iOS and Android and some users see a pop up notification which informs them about the feature.
wersm-organic-reach-social-media-dog Organic Reach Isn’t Dead, You Just Expect Too Much From It – Marketers are are worried! Organic reach is melting away like ice in the sun, and “disappearing” they say.  Some even claim organic reach is already dead on social media, and now it’s “pay to play” or “go home”. Well, allow me to disagree.
wersm-twitter-trending-news-657x360 Twitter Reveals 9 Ways To Boost Tweet Engagement – In order to make money and survive, Twitter needs to work on new ways for advertisers to use the platform to their advantage. And to make sure that happens, the company is keen to give marketers a helping hand. So, here are “9 ways to boost Tweet engagement”, according to Twitter itself.
wersm-facebook-world-map-zuckerberg Facebook Live Map Lets You Find The Best Streams In Seconds – Since Facebook rolled out Live to everyone back in February, thousands of users have started live streaming. Today, you can be sure there is always someone streaming, somewhere across the world. Facebook Live Map allows you to browse and find those streams, at anytime, and anywhere on the planet.

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