The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Facebook Messenger is certainly the trending topic of this spring. After announcing bots during f8, many brands have started building their own and the latest example from Burger King shows how amazing the feature can be.

The latest news concerning Facebook Messenger is the return of the the “disappearing” messages rumour. Except this time, it seems like it is a much wider test and everything seems to show that the feature could be rolled out to everyone very soon. Another hit on Snapchat?

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On other news, YouTube is also getting its own in-app messenger now. It’s a total surprise but, to be honest, it makes perfect sense as people are used to sharing videos with friends and the experience always involved switching to another app until now.

This week also saw Facebook dynamic ads being extended to Instagram. Again, this make total sense as products ads are by far what performs best on Instagram. Now some users are worried about the platform becoming too “commercial” but Sheryl Sandberg herself explained that any other ad format that would be added to the platform would be done in total respect of the user experience. Let’s see.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-secret-conversations-and-payments-coming-to-facebook-messenger-soon Facebook Messenger Will Soon Allow Disappearing Messages – Privacy matters. We have seen many tech giants vehemently fight to protect their users’ right to privacy and security; and this is one of the reasons for which Facebook is close to releasing a new mechanism that will let users make their messages disappear after a specific time.
wersm-youtube-mesenger-featured YouTube Is Rolling Out An In-App Messenger – While every platform is trying to compete with YouTube on video, no-one would have seen this coming: YouTube is testing its own in-app messenger feature. Wired is reporting that YouTube is preparing to launch a messaging service that lives within its mobile apps that allows users to chat with friends and share embedded videos.
wersm-burger-king-chat-bot Burger King Creates Messenger Chatbot To Take Orders Burger King has been leading some pretty impressive campaigns during the past few months so it’s no surprise that the brand would jump on the Messenger chatbot wagon ahead of many others so soon.
wersm-facebook-instagram Facebook Extends Dynamic Ads To Instagram Facebook dynamic ads were introduced earlier this year as a new way for advertisers to better promote their products to the right audience – at the right time. Today, after having featured over 2.5 billion productsFacebook is extending dynamic ads to Instagram.
wersm-lowesDIY-in-a-snapchat Lowe’s: Can You DIY On Snap(chat)? – In the US, Lowe’s are DIY retail specialists. Together with BBDO, they chose to use Snapchat for their new campaign, and have created a series of DIY projects dubbed “In a Snap”, that make users literally take part in the action.

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