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Despite a lot of news coming from Instagram, this week it was Snapchat who really made the headlines. The platform may have finally come to term with its monetisation issues as it could be about to launch the first ever shoppable ads. This is definitely a must-follow story as it could suddenly place Snapchat on the top list of brands and marketers.

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Now going back to Instagram, the platform has introduced video carousel ads this week. They work in the very same way that carousel ads have worked for the past year, with the exception that you can now add video into your carousels. And that’s pretty cool.

Instagram is also reported to be working on business profiles – aka company pages – much like its big brother Facebook has had for many years now. That could be a game changer as the platform is facing strong competition from Snapchat (see above) amongst new marketers.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-snapchat-in-app-purchase-header Snapchat Tests First Shoppable Ads – Snapchat is becoming a heavyweight that marketers wouldn’t want to overlook. Last week, it  hinted at the upcoming release of a new advertising product – shoppable ads – allowing users to buy items features in them with just a few taps, without exiting the application.
wersm-the-truth-behind-all-those-awesome-instagram-photos Instagram Adds Video To Carousel Ads – A year ago, Instagram launched carousel ads, an advertising product that gives brands more flexibility in telling their stories, by allowing users to see additional images and a link to an external website. Now, Instagram is stepping up its game and finally lets advertisers build carousel ads with videos.
wersm-instagram-200k-advertisers Are Instagram Business Profiles On The Way? – This blog post suggests that they are, indeed. Of course we all knew that Instagram had every intention of developing business profiles at some point, but now it looks like the feature is already being tested, and should be rolling out soon.
wersm-google-search-results-rich-media-content-logo Google Takes On Twitter With New Feature Test – Could Google’s new feature test be the end of Twitter? According to reports, Google is testing a new feature that will allow people, groups and media to publish updates in Google’s search results. Uh oh!
wersm-the-truth-behind-all-those-awesome-instagram-photos The Truth Behind All Those Awesome Instagram Photos – We are amazed every day by so many images on Instagram. What we don’t realise is that they are often a result of very clever staging and framing…  Chompoo Baritone, a photographer from Thailand, has created a project titled “#slowlife” which gives us a glimpse at exactly this.

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