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In a few years from now, we may look back at this past week and realise it was when click-baiting finally started to disappear. Why? Because Facebook is now officially ready to fight it. By adding a new variable into its newsfeed algorithm that will measure how much time we actually spend on reading articles. Great news for users, bad news for pageviews hungry websites (and that’s great news by the way.)

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YouTube is also changing the way brands can advertise on its platform. This week the company introduced “Bumper Ads,” a new 6-second format that cannot be skipped. This will probably force advertisers into getting more creative, which, again, is great news for users.

This week we have also looked into two pretty cool creative executions from Hering Brazil and the Toronto Silent Film Festival. Be sure to check them out as they represent great examples of what brands can do today on Snapchat and Instagram.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-lego-phishing-clickbaiting-facebook Facebook Plans To Kill Click-Baiting Once And For All – You see many “clickbait” titles all over the web, and especially on social media. Well, Facebook is now ready to fight this, as the company announced it will now measure how long a user spends “reading” an article to evaluate whether or not similar ones, from the same website or not, are likely to be relevant to the user or not.
wersm-snapchat-hering-black-friday This Brand Used Snapchat To Offer Flash Sales Discounts – Snapchat is the fastest-growing social network, and brands have been quick to realise its creative potential in marketing. In Brazil, Hering, the fashion retail giant, worked with BETC to launch “SnapBlackFriday” – its own interactive Black Friday campaign, exclusively on Snapchat.
wersm-facebook-camera-featured Facebook Is Developing A Standalone Camera App – The future of Facebook will be made of several standalone apps, each serving a specific purpose, and helping the company keep on connecting more people across the globe. Reports now suggest that Facebook is now working on a new photo and (live) video app that will directly compete with the Snapchat and Periscope.
wersm-escape-route-instagram-toronto-film-festival Can You Escape The Room? An Interactive Instagram Experience – This year, the Toronto Silent Film Festival was dedicated to long-forgotten movies that were restored and brought back to life. To celebrate and promote this, Red Lion Canada turned the Festival’s Instagram feed into a real interactive game of “Escape Room.”
wersm-youtube-icons-red YouTube Has Launched 6-Second “Bumper Ads” You Can’t Skip – We are all annoyed by ads on YouTube – especially the ones that we are unable to skip. Luckily there are also ads that we can skip after 5 seconds. Now, YouTube is launching a new ad format that is unskippaple, but also only 6 seconds long. Bumper ads.

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