The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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What a week this has been! Not only because there has been some very exciting news platform-side, this also has been a remarkable week for us here at WeRSM.

First of all, Facebook has been super active this week. The company relaunched Facebook Live which is now available worldwide with some awesome new features – which will probably remind of Snapchat and Periscope together. But that’s not all, Facebook is also planning the launch of scannable codes for Messenger, and again, this awfully looks similar to Snapcodes…. Evan must be thrilled.

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But, what everyone – including us – will probably remember from this week, is that Facebook has started removing the 20% rule! Yes, that annoying thing that stopped you from advertising your brand on Facebook just because your logo is made out of too many letters. Gone! Although this is still only officially a test across some countries, Facebook has confirmed that it has decided to move away from the 20% rule and instead, the platform would now penalise the reach of ads with “too much text” on them. 

(Oh, and yes, because we were the first ones to share the news, we’re kind of super proud!)

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So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-smiling-happy-mark-zuckerberg-facebook Has Facebook Finally Removed The 20% Rule? – The new rule will not stop you from using any image, no matter the amount of text on it. On the contrary, it will let you use it for ads, but Facebook will warn you that the more text on your image, the less reach you are likely to achieve with the same budget.
wersm-9-reasons-snapchat-is-the-next-big-thing 9 Reasons Why Snapchat Is The Next Big Thing – With a 400% increase in video views since last year, it enjoys an increased (and engaged) audience that is gradually going beyond teenagers. It’s not just the numbers that indicate that Snapchat is growing bigger every day, but also the rising interest, both from users and brands that start exploring its popularity, looking for new creative paths.
wersm-facebook-new-improved-live Facebook Launches Improved “Live” With Snapchat-like Features – Facebook Live has only been around for a few months in most countries, but it’s already a big success. Today, while releasing the feature to everyone across the globe, Facebook has also launched a bunch of new exciting features that will allow us to make the most of the live experience.
wersm-hashtag-copyright Have You Trademarked Your Hashtag? – Apparently, you might need to trademark your hashtag soon. It looks like this is becoming a surging trend. According to Wall Street Journal, in 2015 1,398 hashtag trademark applications by brands were filed across the globe, in an attempt to secure the sole branded use of their hashtag.
wersm-how-big-social-platforms How Big Are The 7 Main Social Platforms, Really? – If I ask you which is the largest social media platform, you will answer Facebook, without a doubt, right? But what if I told you that Instagram is now the second largest platform and that Google+ is almost as big as Twitter?

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Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

#BeatTheBuzz: The world’s greatest agencies and most exciting brands gather in London, on April 14th. Book your place now!

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