The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Have you noticed? Facebook  went down again this week! It’s almost scary, taking into account it already did go down 3 times over the last 3 weeks. Facebook never really provides explanations as to why its service gets interrupted but with a new page design under test and the new profile layout for mobile, we tend to imagine someone pressed the wrong button at the wrong time while working on these changes.

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But let’s focus back on the revolution that started to take place this week. Revolution? Yes, because the world of social media platforms is undertaking big, BIG, changes to keep us interested. For example, I’m sure you have noticed that you can now replace your static profile pic with a 7-second loop video. Or, maybe you have heard the rumours about Twitter getting ready to ditch the 140-character limit that made Twitter what it is today? It’s all changing, I’m telling you.

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Even a major brand like Nescafé is changing. They are about to ditch the “traditional” web and go all social, with a huge move to Tumblr.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

facebook-updates-profiles-with-major-creative-changes-wersm Facebook Updates Profiles with Major Creative Changes – Facebook is about to make the biggest changes to user profiles in a very long time, with five major updates that will mainly affect our profiles on mobile devices. One of these, 7-second looping video or a GIF as a profile image is bound to steal all the thunder.
wersm-twitter-140-limit Is Twitter Ditching The 140-Character Limit? – Could this be the case? Well, as reports suggest, the microblogging platform is thinking about leaving behind its 140-character days and go beyond that limit. In fact, it has already started working on a solution.
wersm-facebook-at-work This is What The New Facebook Pages May Look Like – It seems Facebook is again about to change the layout for Pages. Some page owners are already seeing the effect of Facebook’s call-to-action focus, as the platform is testing a new layout on some pages.
wersm-nescafe-moves-to-tumblr Nescafé To Make Massive Move To Tumblr – Just like Taco Bell deleted all of its social media content a while back to create anticipation and engagement to its app, Nescafé decided to move its online presence to Tumblr. Will it work out?
wersm-drivebox-featured DriveBox Is The File Transfer Tool You Have Been Waiting For – There is one thing about being a digital marketer: the files we need to send to our clients, or the ones we need to receive from designers, are often way too large for our inboxes. As a consequence, we often have to rely on third party websites, like wetransfer. But in the best of cases, that means uploads, downloads, etc….

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Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

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