The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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If you have not been sleeping or isolated on a desert island, you have certainly heard about Snapchat this week. A month after we had first announced it, Snapchat finally released “Trophy case,” a new feature that allows you to collect achievements. And a day later, Snapchat was making the headlines again: this time, it announced “Lenses” a new set of filters to create animated selfies. What a week for Snapchat!

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But that’s not all this week. Facebook is seriously thinking about introducing a Dislike button. Yes, you have read this right. Although the latest rumours are now pointing out to a more flexible approach to let users “express their dislike.”

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-facebook-new-video-player-lightbox Facebook Rolls Out A New Carousel Video Player For The Web – A few weeks after testing it on iOS, Facebook is now rolling out its new carousel video player for all web users. The new player lets you navigate through related videos, watch full screen and comment, like or share the videos right from the player.
wersm-snapchat-add-friends-with-code Snapchat Launched “Lenses” To Spice Up Your Selfies Snapchat announced it has acquired Looksery, a facial recognition app that allowed uses to send funny, sometimes scary, animated selfies. The motivation behind this acquisition became obvious yesterday when Looksery disappeared from the app store as Snapchat announced “Lenses.”
wersm-facebook-dislike-button- Facebook To Introduce A Dislike Button – There are many Facebook users who clamoured their wish to ‘Dislike’ things on Facebook, as they deemed that the ‘Like’ button was not appropriate for certains topics: sad statuses, outrageous news, shocking videos and so on.
wersm-unlearn-the-rules-of-social-media How To Unlearn What You Think You Know About Social Media -Much of what a great social media person does amounts to helping her client UN-learn everything she’s read about social media for business. Because a new client wants to know “The Rules.” They want the formula. They want the instructions. They want to do it “right.” They want, of course, to succeed.
wersm-jade-lessons-twitter 10 Lessons I’ve Learned From 10,000 Tweets – Joining a new social network is never easy. It’s almost like starting a new school. You’re worried about what to say, where to go and who to make friends with. Twitter can definitely feel like that at first. With the amount of content that’s published, it’s very difficult to be heard and valued. But hey, we all have to start somewhere!

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Have a great Sunday and week ahead!

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