The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Almost 10 years after Facebook launched, there are still many misconceptions as to what social media can or should be doing for businesses. It’s not always easy of course, because social media platforms are evolving fast and so are the marketing tactics we can deploy on them.

The latest trend is all about going visual. Instagram is booming, Facebook is growing strong on video. But it is Twitter that might be on the verge of winning it all. The platform welcomes images, of course, Vines, but also GIFs and more recently native videos. And that seems like a winning mix.

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This week we looked into how visuals can be a better choice than words on Twitter. But most importantly, we have shown you a way to deal with every social marketer’s biggest problem: how to switch from one account to another on Instagram!

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-how-to-login-to-instagram-with-multiple-accounts See How You Can Login to Instagram with Multiple Accounts – If you’re working on multiple Instagram accounts, you probably find it really annoying having to constantly log out of one account to access another. This doesn’t have to be the case though. You can switch between different Instagram accounts with a lot of ease, with a simple iPhone jailbreak called igSpeedster.
wersm-visuals-twitter-jade-philipps When 140 Characters Aren’t Enough: A Guide To Using Visuals On Twitter – A picture really is worth thousand words. Times have changed and words alone just aren’t enough. Sometimes, your message needs that extra bit of expression that words can’t quite capture. So, remember when 140 characters just isn’t cutting it, there are plenty of other options!
4 Misconceptions About Social Media Advertising – For many years, most brands who were on social media from the beginning thought of them as a free way to promote themselves. For a long time it was. Then came social media advertising. Targeted, relevant, measurable. Things have gotten a little more complicated and there are many misconceptions surrounding it.
wersm-mark-zuckerberg-emoji-portrait This App Transforms All Your Photos In Emoji Mosaics – Emoji are now everywhere. In fact, they are now cooler than ever. There was a time when their usage was decreasing, but it seems that with the rapid growth of messaging apps, Emoji are now, once again, part of the popular culture.
wersm-refugees-welcome Twitter Steps Up: #RefugeesWelcome – The Internet is the tool of this age, this is where we get informed, where we learn to understand, where we show our support and where we act. So, Doctors of the World launched #RefugeesWelcome, a real-time visualisation of all the positive things that are being tweeted about refugee and migrants.

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