The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Social media has been around for a good 10 years. Yet, it is a forever surprising industry. Platforms continuously work to improve user experience, and brands keep on creating new, better, more creative campaigns for us to enjoy. The Turkish Airline Periscope flight is one of those.

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If there is one platform that never stops innovating, it has to be Facebook. Yes, most updates concern the Newsfeed algorithm – and that is actually a good thing, Newfeed is much more relevant than it was just a year ago – but the platform is also always testing new features with the potential on changing the world of online marketing, or of e-commerce.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 trending news on We are Social Media?

wersm-oslo-norway-city The Most Expensive European City To Target With Facebook Ads – It’s no secret, the cost of advertising on Facebook varies greatly from one country to another. What is less known, is that it even varies from city to city and at this little game, some european cities will cost you much more than others….
Facebook Commerce Is Now A Reality Facebook is not just a place where brands listen to their customers and engage with them. Very soon you will be able to buy things on Facebook without even leaving the platform. Yes, the company is now testing e-shops on Pages.
wersm-facebook-see-first-fresh 5 Ways Brands Should React To The Facebook NewsFeed Update Facebook announced a new update to the newsfeed, giving more control to the users, allowing them to actually pick what they like to see on the top of their feeds, whether it’s a friend or a Page.
wersm-toms-restaurant-nyc-seinfeld 3 Reasons Why You Should Manage Your Social Media Like A Restaurant – We can do a lot on social media such as keep up with friends and family, stalk our favourite celebrities, get real-time news, enter contests and giveaways, find new friends and even make a Twitter account for our pets. Something we can’t do? Eat from our favourite restaurants.
wersm-turkish-airline-live-periscope-inside-look Experience Turkish Airlines Live On Periscope – With a brave execution, Turkish Airlines live streamed a flight from Istanbul to New York through Periscope. The streams included footage from flight preparations, along with some sneak peek on crew’s life on and off board.

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