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The era of mass “liking” and mass targeting is over. Marketers are finally understanding that it is not the number of fans you have that shows how strong your brand is, but rather the number of relationship you have managed to create with them. Gone are the days were marketing success was based solely on how many Twitter followers or Facebook fans you have; and this is GOOD NEWS.

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Social media is now part of everyone’s life and the future of advertising lies into being able to target the right audience and then be able to spread your message to them across devices and channels. And this is why, in my opinion, the acquisition of TellApart by Twitter is a very interesting move.

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wersm-twitter-acquires-tellapart Twitter Acquires TellApart – And That’s Huge For Marketers – The social media network acquired TellApart, an advertising platform that helps marketers create ads and consumer profiles in order to target them across all devices and channels.
wersm-Please-Stop-Counting-Your-Followers-And-Fans Please Stop Counting Your Followers And Fans – Let me break this down for everybody that’s confused about it. If your page has 10,000 Facebook Likes and a 1% engagement rate, it’s not helping your business. The pictures you post of you and your cat to 8,000 Instagram followers aren’t increasing your base.
wersm-h-scroll-native-ads Now Facebook Is Helping You Create Better Native Ads – The new native ad templates introduced by Facebook were developed based on the most common ad format sizes and best practices. They are fully customisable, allowing publishers to define things like font, ad height, background color, button border treatment and other features.
2015-social-media-trends-from-the-bitly-index-infographic 2015 Social Media Traffic Trends From The Bitly Index  – You have most probably used Bitly, the link-shortening service. Every month, Bitly encodes over 600 million links, and tracks over 6 billion clicks on them. Here’s the Bitly Index and the social media traffic trends from the first quarter of 2015!
wersm-top-reasons-using-social-media The 10 Top Reasons Why We Use Social Networks – We all use social media nowadays. Well, maybe not everyone, but at least a huge amount of the population does. The question is no longer if we use it, but why. And this is exactly what Global Web Index looked into.

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