The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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It is now clear that social media has its own very important role to play in any brand’s marketing mix. But despite this, there is still a lot of chatter on how – and even why sometimes – brands should approach ROI when it comes to social media marketing. Does it really generate leads, sales or revenue? Should you focus on creating content, or curating what others create, what’s most beneficial for your brand?

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And the big headline this week was about Facebook announcing it will pull the plug on the Like Box as we know it. The Like Box is that social plugin that allowed you to add a Facebook presence on your website. But don’t get upset too fast, its replacement, the Page plugin, is even better.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media?

wersm-facebook-thumb-up-pulp-fiction Facebook Is Killing The Like Box – Yes, You read that right. The Like Box, this Facebook plugin that allows admins to promote their Pages and embed a simple feed of content into other sites, will no longer exist after June 23. Instead, you will not have to use the new Page plugin.
Should you Use Content Creation or Content Sharing? [Infographic] Content is a very important part of a company’s social media presence, and as a pivotal part of your marketing mix, it’s crucial to understand whether sharing content or creating content is right for your business and activities.
wersm-instagram-business How to Promote Content And Track Leads On Instagram – Many brands have discovered the benefits of using Instagram, with its rising popularity encouraging even more to try its effectiveness. However, there are still many concerns on whether it is actually bringing the desired ROI.
wersm-social-media-job-trends Jobs in Social Media: From Content to Analysis –  Social Media is a rocking industry and there’s no doubt it will foster many jobs in the years to come. So what are the trends within the social media job market? Here are our findings from 2015 so far.
wersm-the-invisible-war-for-your-attention-on-social-media The Invisible War For Your Attention On Social Media – ROI and ROR are taking sides on either side of an invisible marketing line. And while it is hardly a new battle, it is taking new shape and importance in our digital world.

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