The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Being a social media manager is about definitely more than “posting on Facebook” but what what makes someone a great social media manager? We think skills are not enough, but what else do you need?

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Well, to start with, you need to keep yourself updated, keep an open eye on what is new, what others do. Check out for great creative campaigns others, like the GEICO one this week, and, of course, know how to make the best use of data and social media promotion. Facebook Topic Data is a small revolution, have you though already on how this can really boost your campaigns?

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media?

5 Habits of Great Social Media Managers – Being a Social Media Manager requires a particular set of soft and technical skills, and I would even go so far as to state that the job requires a “certain type” of person to be done properly. But what makes a great Social Media Manager?
wersm-facebook-super-hero-topic-data Facebook Topic Data Is The New Super Power For Marketers – Topic data is the new generation of data insight Facebook is putting in the hands of marketers. It shows what audiences are actually saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities.
wersm-geico-ads-you-dont-want-to-skip The Pre-Roll Ads You Don’t Want To Skip – Imagine this: You are desperately want to show to your friends a video on YouTube and just when you find it; there’s pre-roll ad that ruins it all. And what’s worse? You can’t click it to go away! Well, what if you didn’t want it to go away?
wersm-twitter-power-promotion Twitter Power: New Analytics And A Quick Promote Tool – Twitter is gearing up these days, rolling out new feature after new feature on a quest to conquer more advertisers. Today, Twitter is making it easier than ever for businesses to identify their best performing tweets and boost them with a quick promotion.
wersm-the-science-behind-posting-in-social-media- Posting On Social Media: The Facts – Posting updates on social media can be a tricky business and all social media managers know this very well. It’s not just about hitting the “Post” button; there’s a whole science involved behind this.

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