The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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There are news that come like shockwaves, and there are other news that were expected. This week, Google announced the end of Google+ as it exists… Many of you actually saw that coming, right?

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But the big news of the week, is probably that Instagram is finally rolling out clickable ads. Yes, advertisers will soon be able to use Instagram ads to drive traffic to a website of their choice!

Facebook also made the headlines, for good reasons and not so good reasons… First of all, Facebook announced it will start removing page Likes from deactivated accounts, and that is good news for the quality of insights. But, news also came through this week, that Facebook employees can access any of our profiles without a password... and that, the community was not so keen on.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media?

wersm-google-hq Google+ Is Dead. Long Live Google “Photos and Streams” – It looks like this is the end for Google+ as we know it. Rumours were confirmed today by the most official lips – Google product VP Bradley Horowitz – that the social network will be transformed into two separate products: Photos and Streams.
wersm-instagram-ads-stories-carrousel-clickable Instagram Ads Are Now Clickable! – This new type of ads are clickable and can send users to any website of the brand’s choice. This is a major improvement as nothing was clickable on Instagram until now.
wersm-facebook-scared-panic-like-drop Don’t Panic, Your Facebook Like Count Is About To Drop – If you are managing a Facebook page, be ready to see your number of likes taking a dip down. No, you’re not suddenly unpopular, but on March 12, Facebook will start removing “likes” from deactivated accounts.
wersm-fake-profile-linkedin HR Scams On Linkedin – Professional business networking sites like LinkedIn have become extremely popular among both job seekers and employers alike.  Unfortunately, this has also attracted the attention of a new breed of professional frauds and scammers and given way to a new trend of HR scams
anonimity facebook sharing app wersm Facebook Employees Can Access Your Profile Without Credentials – A few days ago VentureBeat shared a really interesting story. Apparently, certain Facebook employees have unrestricted access to your account, without using a username/password combination.

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