The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Social media is a new discipline among digital marketing, itself a very recent branch of marketing. So it is no wonder we see new ways of doing things all the time. Neuromarketing – using neuroscience for marketing purposes – seem to be the next step in making social media marketing even more effective. Will it work? Only time will tell, right?

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What we already know, however, is that interactivity and a good story are what make a campaign great. Ask Le Slip Français and they will tell you how an online campaign can become a huge success for your business when you match an original platform with a great story. Of course, sometimes campaigns can go horribly wrong, even if their purpose was to bring more happiness in the world…. ask Coca-cola and their #MakeItHappy team…

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media?

a-new-dawn-in-digital-neuromarketing-meets-social-media A New Dawn in Digital: Neuromarketing Meets Social Media –  This year, understanding consumer behavior by using innovative digital marketing techniques will play the leading role in the digital marketing landscape.
#MakeItHappy Turns Out To Be A Twitter Disaster For Coca-Cola – Automated tweeting is a pretty bad idea. Especially if you are a big brand like Coca-Cola and you’re using it as part of a massive social media campaign. I mean, we hear about campaigns being hijacked on a day to day basis – and hashtags even more often.
wersm-twitter-chats Why You Should Participate in Tweechats – You’re probably on Twitter, but have you considered Twitter chats? Quick reminder: a Twitter chat (or Tweechat) is an open discussion held on Twitter, usually every week at a given time – very easy to participate, by simply tracking the related hashtag to jump in.
Are Your Facebook Ads Relevant? – We all know that the more relevant the ad to a specific audience is, the more likely it is to have an impact. That’s why Facebook is rolling out this specific toolset, to show advertisers what works and what could be tweaked and optimised.
wersm-le-slip-francais-kickstarter How To Make Boring Underwear An Awesome Product On KickStarter – Le Slip Français (the French slip) is a successful mens underwear brand in France, but they are looking to expand into the US. Meet Léo, a window mannequin, who is on a quest to follow his beloved Sherry to the US. But for that, Léo needs your financial support on Kickstarter.

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