The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Sometimes you feel like your social media marketing results are not worth the time and efforts you are putting into it. And we usually blame it on the platforms, the algorithm or something else. But many times, it is us who have not done something right.  Lack of planning, wrong targeting, badly executed content are among the main reason why something does not go well on social media. Some other times, it is because we are not looking for the results in the right place, sometimes the results are not to be seen on the main platforms, but on the side of Dark Social!

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This week we focused on just that: helping you create great content that will get shared across your communities. We looked into how you should surf on the trends, use your community to produce awesome content, use the platforms to promote it and of course, how to check the impact of your content in Dark Social!

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media?

wersm-dark-social Forget Facebook, Dark Social Is What Rules The Internet –  Most brands invest most of their digital marketing budget on the more traditional platforms like Facebook or Twitter, but consumers are sharing most of their content elsewhere: on email, on messaging apps, on forums, etc… Welcome to Dark Social!
It Only Takes 3 Clicks To Boost Your Tweets – We all know how simple it is to create a promoted post on Facebook, just by clicking on the ‘Boost’ button at the end of each post, right? This option is now available on Twitter as well – how exciting.
5 Reasons Why You’re Not Making It Big on Facebook – Sometimes sharing Facebook updates for your blog or company page can be a big disappointment. Most marketers tend to give up after trying a few times, blaming the algorithm, the community they have spent money and effort to build, or the complexity of the platform itself.
9 Lessons From The #CommunityFirst Of Instagram – Instagram saw a rapid growth in 2014 and already started 2015 with even bigger goals. Many brands try to take advantage of its power, signing up and wondering how to use it in order to enjoy its ‘benefits’.
wersm-content-marketing-trends-2015 8 Content Marketing Trends To Watch For 2015 – This year, content marketing and social media efforts go hand-in-hand, as social networks are feeling the need to monetize their service to turn a cool idea into a (very) profitable business. Up until now, Facebook has been leading the way, providing marketers with cutting-edge targeting options for a reasonable price.

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And Just For Fun: Fun Pop Mashup of the Week #10

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