The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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It’s the SuperBowl this weekend and that’s always a great time for the advertising industry. This year, however, it looks like Snickers has taken already by surprise. Their SuperBowl ad with Danny Trejo is already high up in YouTube rankings!

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But this week was also very interesting for social media marketers. We showed you how to calculate EOR on Facebook, helped you understand how recruiters use social media and also explained how Facebook will now help big advertisers track the effect of ads on their offline sales!

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media?

Danny Trejo Plays Marcia Brady In New Snickers Super Bowl Teaser Danny Trejo Plays Marcia Brady In New SNICKERS Super Bowl Teaser –  It’s that time of year again, Super Bowl is just around the corner… and we all know what that means. This year, SNICKERS has got there almost before everyone else with a pretty funny pre-Super Bowl teaser… Cue the “SNICKERS® – “Super Bowl Teaser” on YouTube featuring Danny Trejo of Machete fame.
How To Calculate The Value Of Earned Organic Reach On Facebook – If the title made sense to you, congratulations, you must already be quite familiar with Facebook paid media analysis. If not, don’t worry, you will soon find out what Earned Organic Reach is on Facebook and how you can actually calculate its money value.
wersm-strings-text-message-delete Strings Lets You Control The Privacy Of Your Social Conversations – Recent stories around Snaps gone wild on SnapChat have shown how even the things you share on “ephemeral” platforms cannot be controlled. Until now… Strings is a new messaging app that lets you delete messages after you have posted them and control how your content gets shared with the world.
wersm-facebook-ads-tracking-offline-sales Facebook Will Now Track Online And Offline Sales Driven By Ads – Facebook is looking to expand its advertising solutions, by adding offline sales measurement to its suite, which will track whether your online Facebook ads lead to actual offline sales.
How Recruiters Track You On Social Media – Recruiters use social media to find candidates. This is probably not big news to you. In fact, 73% of recruiters admit to have hired a candidate through social media. What I will remind you of, however, is how 93% of hiring managers will check you out on social media before deciding to offer you the job.

And Just For Fun: Fun Pop Mashup of the Week #9

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