The Top 5 Social Media News Of This Week

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Now that social media has found its place within businesses and their marketing communication, it seems that the industry will now focus on taking over the workplace. This week, we did not only witness the launch of Facebook at Work, we also saw a lot of activity from LinkedIn, trying to offer more features entirely dedicated to internal communication.

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This week we also looked at how WOM, Influence marketing and Email marketing are still very actual marketing techniques and should not be neglected by brands.

So are you ready for this week’s Top 5 news on We are Social Media?

wersm-facebook-at-work With Facebook At Work, It’s Personal, Not Just Business  – Facebook at Work may be Facebook‘s greatest opportunity to facilitate corporate transformation. It may sound overwhelming, but here are 4 main reasons why the social network could be a game changer.
wersm-hypster-kids-social-networks 11 Ways You Should Use Your Social Networks in 2015 – It’s always a good idea to set your new 12-month plan in January, We might not be aware about all the social media updates that will come up over the next few months, but we should need to be prepared from what we already know.
The True Power Of Word Of Mouth In The Digital Age – Marketing is changing. Social Media gave a voice to consumers, it helped them take control of the way brands communicate and promote their products to them. Nowadays, opinion leaders are called influencers and they, more often than not, share their influence on social media.
wersm-how-to-curate-perfect-newsfeed How You Can Curate Your Perfect Newsfeed – Your Newsfeed is an overloaded space. With Facebook continuing its ongoing takeover of the world, friends as well as businesses dive in every day, trying hard to grab your attention. But, while scanning my newsfeed the other day, I realized that I always see posts from the same group of people.
What Is The Best Way To Reach Customers: Email or Social Media? – With the rise of social media platforms, many of us have simply forgotten all about email marketing. While there are many good reasons for this, email marketing is nonetheless a very powerful tool to reach out to customers.

And Just For Fun: Fun Pop Mashup of the Week #7

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