The Search for Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 on Social Media [Infographic]

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Malaysian Airline Flight 370 took off on March 8. Since then, we have been asking the same question, over and over again: where is that plane? The internet has united, once more, seeking answers.

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Hands down, the internet is a wonderful thing.

A total of 5.3 million tweets have been sent under hashtag #MH370, according to Topsy. You can find an endless stream of rumors, speculations, news and theories on the disappearance of Malaysian Airline Flight 370 on Twitter. Since March 8, it’s been crazy.

You can now discover a complete comprehensive thread on the disappearance and the ongoing internet search on Reddit, and as of March 16, the topic has its own subreddit at r/MH370.

Upon hours of creation, this special Wikipedia page has undergone more than a few thousand edits.

The internet’s search has been more active on Tomnod, a digital mapmaking company, where you can help search for debris, oil slicks and other signs for the missing airplane, via satellite imagery. The company continues to add new imagery as 3 million volunteers are dedicating their time to scouring a 26,000km area (imagery).

Beutler Ink has created a simple, yet impressive infographic on the internet’s search for Flight 370.


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