The Science Of Facebook Timing [infographic]

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There are hundreds of blog posts out there trying to figure out what is the perfect time of day to post something on Facebook. The truth is that there is no such thing. They are guidelines, of course, but these are only there to you fine-tune your strategy.

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FanPage Karma, a social media analytics and monitoring tool, analysed posts from more than 5,000 different Facebook pages over a period of more than 6 months. Their objective was to understand more about the “life stages” of a Facebook post.

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The Impact Of Time On Likes, Comments And Shares

Through their analysis, the guys over at FanPage Karma discovered that once a post is published on Facebook, the clock starts ticking. Most activity will take place in the first hour but the lifetime of a post in terms of likes, comments and shares is highly dependent on the time of day.

Stephen Eyl, Chief Marketing Office at Fanpage Karma, explained:

Posts that are published in the morning immediately experience a wave of reactions, which declines first strongly and then continuously until the evening hours. Posts that are published in the evening have a much shorter but more intense life. Reactions explode in the first minutes — much stronger than in the morning posts. But the activity ebbs much faster, as well. One hour after the publication. An evening-post has fewer reactions per minute than its morning equivalent, even though many users are online at this time of day.

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Now check out the full infographic from social analytics firm FanPage Karma:


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