The Science Behind The Perfect Hashtag

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Hashtags are everywhere now. And there is a simple reason for it: they make it easy to find and engage in real-time conversations. And lately, their importance has clearly grown for TV shows and the conversations around them.

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But there is so many of them out there, all hashtags cannot and will not become trends among users. To put all chances on your side, composition is key, as per a recent report from Twitter itself.

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To uncover the science behind the perfect hashtag, a team of Twitter data scientists analysed over 350 hashtags across eight primetime TV shows in the US. They came up with a recipe for hashtag success.

A few different types of hashtags are consistently picked up by viewers at a higher rate than average when shown on screen, indicating that certain formats have stronger potential to rally audiences behind individual hashtags and amplify key moments.

There are a few tactics that will help your hastags get discovered and gain higher levels of engagement. There also is a common denominator in all TV related hashtags that were successful: they can all be easily connected back to the reality show.

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Here are the hashtag composition tactics that drove significantly higher levels of engagement among viewers:

  • – Include show name: This simple best practice cannot be overlooked
  • – Use a cast or guest name with “Team:” Employing #teamXYZ hashtags (where XYZ is a cast/guest/participant) drives Tweets per minute
  • – Describe a moment in 15-17 characters: A pithy hashtag that still contains enough information to convey a moment can increase the momentum around a conversation


And what works for a TV show, can probably work for your brand too. Think about it!

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