The Rise of The Social Profession [Infographic]

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Whenever you open your LinkedIn account, you probably get endorsements for your Social media skills. Well done! You are one of the 5 million LinkedIn users who have increased the amount of Social Media Marketers,Coordinators and Managers out there.

During the last few years, the Social “profession” has changed the business scenery, as many companies have included in their workforce at least one Social Media Manager – someone responsible for the right coordination and strategy for their brand, as well as content for their pages.

The infographic below, based on information from LinkedIn, and created by Offerpop and Beutler Ink, demonstrates that  job postings for Social media positions on LinkedIn have increased a significant amount – 1,300% to be exact – since 2010.

But, which is the most popular Social profession and where in the world is it growing?


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