The Recipe Behind A Great Twitter Response

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Twitter is the leading platform for generating first contact leads and dealing with customer service issues online. But in order to do this successfully, it will all come down to your first interaction with users. Do it right and the conversation will flourish. Do it wrong (or not at all) and you might lose a potential customer forever.

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Whether the response is sought by the user or if it is a proactive lead generation on your side, your first interaction on Twitter will define the way the conversation will go.

For example, did you know that adding a link in your first response may seriously jeopardise your chances?

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Thankfully, LeadSift, an innovative lead generation social media agency, has put together a useful infographic that reminds us of the main Do’s and Don’ts of engaging conversation with users on Twitter.

The Art Of Responding On Twitter

  • – DO personalise your response with the user’s first name if you can find it
  • – DO add punctuation in your tweets, they can increase engagement by 27%
  • – DO use positive emoticons, they increase engagement by a staggering 67%!
  • – DO try your best to respond within 92 minutes after the original tweet was posted
  • – DON’T add a link as a CTA in your first response
  • – But, DO use the word “click” in further responses when you share a link

Now check out the full infographic from LeadSift and make sure you respond next time someone gives you the opportunity on Twitter:


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