The Pre-Roll Ads You Don’t Want To Skip

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Imagine this: You are desperately want to show to your friends a video on YouTube and just when you find it; there’s pre-roll ad that ruins it all. And what’s worse? You can’t click it to go away! Well, what if you didn’t want it to go away?

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You see, many advertisers are fighting to capture our attention in 5 seconds, before the appearance of the ‘Skip Ad’ button. But just how many of them manage to do so? That’s right, not many. And when a pre-roll ad succeeds in gaining our interest and admiration, do we know what’s the reason behind it?

Sure, great production helps, but successful pre-rolls have something else in common; They are unpredictable and funny. Just like Geico car insurance did, which produced a series of hilarious pre-roll ads that left us laughing, puzzled and NOT clicking the ‘Skip Ad’ button. You can check them out below.

Family: Unskippable – GEICO

Elevator: Unskippable – GEICO

High Five: Unskippable – GEICO

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