The Power of Brand Authenticity on Social Media [Infographic]

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I think it’s a “no brainer” really, but I don’t know if people really understand the concept of authenticity and its huge importance on social media. Authenticity is certainly a very attractive characteristic in a company or a brand alike. Without it, you risk alienating your audience, and if you use it right it can bring you a lot of engagement and of course a tidy ROI from social activities.

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This is of course due to the fact that engagement means trust, and trust leads to sales. In the infographic below, from Bonfire Marketing all of this is explained a lot better – success is tied a lot to what consumers actually want. When asked,

91% of consumers wanted brands they follow on social media to be authentic, and 63% said that they would buy from a brand they perceive as authentic (or honest). Consumers also ranked brand popularity, appeal, or utility significantly lower – 39%, 60%, and 61% respectively. This is not surprising.

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So, what makes an “authentic company” or an “authentic brand”?

In 140 characters… “An authentic company owns up to their mistakes and is honest with customers. Doesn’t sugar coat anything or sweep problems under the rug”. You see, authenticity resonates not only with consumers, but also with a company’s employees and investors.

Being authentic is especially important in fast-growing economies, where 31% of respondents would invest in a brand or company that is honest about itself. In slow-growing economies, that number is 15%.

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