The Perfect Structure Of Your Periscope Broadcast

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Even though your Periscope broadcast can be as long as you want, it’s important to keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you will have your audience’s attention for the duration of the broadcast. People have limited time, many distractions from other social media platforms and total control over deciding whether to abandon your broadcast if they don’t find it interesting, or think it’s too long.

This is why it is recommended to have a plan; one which considers the elements mentioned above so that you, as a broadcaster, make everything possible to keep your audience present and engaged. Since it’s live, I recommend that broadcasters assume that the audience is right in front of them. Taking this into consideration, here are the elements of the perfect Periscope broadcast:

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Firstly don’t just do nothing as you wait for other live viewers. As soon as you hit the broadcast button, begin to speak and don’t say you will give others a couple of minutes – the ones who are already there may leave. Then, you get to the part where you welcome everyone – including replay viewers. You want to acknowledge their presence, and if possible say hi to some of them, by mentioning their name, to keep it personal.

Also, you may want to ask whether they are on your broadcast for the first time. The next part should consist of saying who you are and what you do. This part shouldn’t be too long, and should keep in mind that there are people there who already know who you are. So keep it simple, yet straight to the point.


Here is where you explain what you will be discussing during the broadcast, how you will host it, in what order. This is a nice way to let people know how you will run your Periscope. Let your audience know that you are not the only one doing the talking, that a live broadcast allows them to participate and ask questions. Also, if you want to explain what the hearts on Periscope mean, this is the time to do it. Don’t beg for them, please!

The Promise

This refers to your content – what you put on that catchy title of your ‘scope. This is the part where you deliver what you promised. This is live, and everything is organic – so feel free to use a second screen like a monitor behind you if you want to show them something.

Next Step

Ideally, you should think of a Periscope broadcast – not only as a way to engage with your audience, but also to take them to your website, to your product or offer, one step closer to you to make business. This is where you offer something, if you have it, like a free manual, e-book, or something valuable.


Summarise what you talked about, if you know when your next broadcast is tell them and, of course, give your audience one more chance to ask questions.

The challenge of this structure is to use your time wisely. Less is better. In order to do so, make sure you deliver valuable content that will make your audience expect more.

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