The Only Two Twitter Lists You Need to Have

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There are endless ways to use Twitter. It’s fair to say that most users are just hanging in there to follow news and share opinions, experiences, keep up with their favourite music band or interests. No matter what category you fall into, one or two actionable tricks can help you make the most out of ot.

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I think lists are the most underrated feature of Twitter – that’s a shame since it allows you to veer away from the overspeeding timeline and actually classify tweets by categories, people, you name it. The more people you follow, the hardest it becomes to stay-in-touch with accounts that truly matter to you, don’t you think?

The other day, I visited a friend of mine who followed more than 15,000 accounts. Frankly, who can possibly keep up to speed with such a huge following? Hence, the need to use Twitter lists to arrange tweets.

Now, as Twitter is a real-time thing and doesn’t work with an algorithm, you will only see tweets from people you love if you happen to tune in when they tweet out. With that being said, here are the two lists you want to have:


You love your friends, don’t you? And the next time you meet them, you don’t want to be left puzzled when they talk about their tweets. Go create a list gathering your friends, it will be way easier to stay updated about their opinions, hobbies and other selfies.

Bonus tip: keep this list “private”, so people don’t come at you and say “Why am I not in your friend list?!”

If you like our stories, there is an easy way to stay updated:


For being public, Twitter is probably the easiest platform to broaden your personnal or professional network. In this list, add whoever you want to build a connection with: influencers, potential clients and the likes, then start interacting so they start to get to know you.

With these two lists in the bag, you are well equipped to maintain existing connections whilst building new ones – isn’t it what social media is all about?

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