The Only Template You Will Ever Need For Social Media Updates

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Organising your work gets it done in a smarter, quicker and more effective way. As your brand or client portfolio grows, you will need to find the tools and methods that will help you save time and focus on creating great content.

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In the following lines we present you with the template WeRSM team uses to write down and organise its everyday social media updates. We have broken down its basic components to analyse why we need them and how they can help you.

1. When To Post

It’s important to know when to post your updates. After studying your audience, you should have an idea on what hours your posts work best and reach larger audiences. This should be reflected in the template you will use. wersm social media updates schedule template 2015

2. What To Post

Even if you don’t have decided on your perfect copy, it’s good to add a field where you can write down some  thoughts that will eventually form your update. You might also find useful adding a keywords field where you can note all the important concepts you wish to include in your message.

wersm social media template copy and keywords 2015

3. Where To Post

Not all messages are suitable for the same channels. Add a column with the social media platform you want to publish your update and don’t forget to include another column that checks the length of your message, to make sure it’s not too big or too small and just within the characters limits – for Twitter.

wersm social media update template platform and length 2015

 4. Type of Update

Is it a photo? A link maybe? Make sure you include the type of the post in a separate column. A link to the attachment could also be useful, especially if you’re dealing with large quantities of visual material.

wersm type of update social media updates template 2015

5. Status

Mark your updates as “Scheduled”, “Pending” or “Cancelled”. You can also use conditional formatting to visually distinguish which updates went out and which didn’t.

wersm social media updates template status

Here is the full view of your social media schedule template. Enjoy!

wersm social media updates template 2015

You can download WeRSM’s template from here.

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