The Official Twitter Plugin For WordPress Is Here

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If you have been struggling with binding your Twitter account with your wordpress blog, then the tough days are over. Twitter has released its plugin for WP sites and blogs which offers interesting features.

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According to the their blog post, the new plugin helps sites powered by WordPress embed Twitter content and grow their audience on Twitter. The plugin offers lots of functionalities:

  • Twitter cards: the plugin automatically generates Twitter Cards for webpages which offer rich content to tweets.
  • Twitter Analytics: users can associate their site and author Twitter accounts and see how their content performs when tweeted.
  • Embed functionalities: Users can select to embed the tweets they want on their website, while matching its theme and style.
  • Tweet button: the plugin automatically configures a Tweet button to include the URL of the post, site and author Twitter accounts, custom share text and hashtags specific to each post.
  • – Users can also add a ‘Follow’ button to their WP powered sites and drive growth on their Twitter accounts.
  • Advertising: The newest plugin includes all the necessary tools for advertisers to measure ROI, by tracking actions Twitter users take after viewing or engaging with their ads.
  • Base library: The plugin allows API integrations by other WordPress plugins or site-specific customizations.

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