The Net Set – The First Social Shopping Network

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Unless you are a fashion expert, buying clothes is never easy, you always end up doubting your decisions and your understanding of style. Thankfully, we can rely on social media for that too! Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic sources of inspiration and you can often get the opinion of others who happen to be more aware of the latest fashion trends than you are.

But something is still missing: you cannot buy that dress/shoes/shirt/trousers from where you found it. Because neither Instagram or Pinterest – or any social media platform for that matter – are ready for social shopping.

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Here comes: The Net Set. This new app (to be released today) from Net-a-Porter,  is the perfect mix of Instagram and an e-shop.

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The Net Set will allow fashionistas to share photos of their favourite garments. And as a proper social network, they will be able to grow and maintain a following and subscribe to other users for style inspiration.

The awesomeness that sets apart The Net Set from other apps is a special dress-matching feature. When a user uploads a photo , the app automatically scans the inventory for the same clothes or something very similar and uploads the original photo with a link where you can buy it from. Awesome?

The app is due for release but it will first be released as an invite-only platform. You can request one here.


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