#OfficeGoals: The Most Pinterest-Worthy Offices That Were Ever Pinned

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Ingenious design is, some would argue, more powerful than Feng Shui itself. And when it pertains our everyday workspace, Pinterest backs up this claim – big time! 

If we had to come up with a new definition of the word “office,” it would go like this:

The physical space one returns to daily, in order to refill the energy, creativity, and productivity lost to the soul-sucking commute.

Yes, that would make the cut. Of course, its interior design should reflect the aforementioned magic properties of the premises, and who doesn’t dream of walking into the agency and head straight for the macrame swing? If you reckon that’s over the top, think twice. Pinterest is here to fill us with insatiable #officegoals!

In Connecticut, this firm knows good office design

An ad agency must never run out of ideas – and artisanal paper to jot them down! Tobacco factory adaptation done right, here.

A touch (or two) of Yves Klein Blue never hurt nobody.

A small, ultra-bright and functional Metropolis comes to life within the main offices

Light installation game strong. *Very* strong.

Motivational quote and top-notch art ensure good vibes in any meeting room.

But then again, we wouldn’t say no to a self-explanatory room label in a cute font!

Our theory for this tech company is that the knitted pole sleeves are the anti-stress element. Who’s with us on this?

This Danish fashion label office oozes “hygge” and we love the cozy at-home look-and-feel.

What’s *your* office like? Sound off in the comments!

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