The Most Expensive European City To Target With Facebook Ads

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It’s no secret, the cost of advertising on Facebook varies greatly from one country to another. What is less known, is that it even varies from city to city and at this little game, some european cities will cost you much more than others….

So which city do you think is the most expensive to target: Paris? London maybe? Berlin? Well, you’re in for a surprise! (if you have not yet recognised it from the image above that is)

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Although London and Paris are known worldwide for their impressively high property prices, they are not even making the top 5 when it comes to Facebook advertising costs.

In a recent post, Zach Rubin from Kenshoo, published the result of his own research and it is indeed quite surprising. The most expensive Facebook advertising bid for a European capital award goes to….. Oslo, capital of Norway!

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With $0.73, Oslo outbids Vatican City, Helsinki, Berlin and Bern to complete the top 5 most expensive european cities to advertise to on Facebook.

Check the infographic below for the full list of all European capital cities, where is yours situated?

European capitals for Facebook advertising_LK

Looking at the graph, there is a clear west to east separation, with eastern european and cities in the Balkans offering the lowest suggested bids.

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These values (suggested bids) are provided by Facebook based on the competitive landscape of the chosen geographical target. This is usually based on penetration i.e. the number of Facebook users in the country/city, and on how many advertisers are actually bidding to reach the same target.

But, before you go spend all your money trying to get cheaper likes from Eastern Europe, remember that is often quality that prevails over quantity. Facebook targeting is an awesome opportunity to grow your business where it really matters, always remember that.

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