The Invisible War For Your Attention On Social Media

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ROI and ROR are taking sides on either side of an invisible marketing line. And while it is hardly a new battle, it is taking new shape and importance in our digital world.

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The difference between ROI – a focus on return of monetary investment – and ROR – a focus on return of investment in relationships – reflects differences in a business’ perspective and objective.

The first relies on money, power, and reach to dominate a market. It wants and expects short-term, right-now results it can measure in numbers (dollars).

The second relies on community, trust, and building relationships in a long-game for a pitch-perfect market. It wants and expects you to find the right person/product for you.

Now slow your roll there, skeptics. Before you silently accuse me of making this sh*t way too cut and dry, I do realize that there are 50 Shades of In-Between here.

So Yes, I’m oversimplifying here a good bit. But don’t play. You know what I’m talking about.

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The truth is that both these approaches technically work. This is not a war of competing systems. It is an age-old war of competing philosophies.

And though it doesn’t matter a bit for the Big Brands, it does mean some serious soul-searching for the average small business.

For example, as a child born and raised in the U.S. South, there is no amount of either money or responsible marketing that’s going to make me prefer Pepsi over Coca-Cola. (Seriously… you’re wasting your money, Pepsi). But when it comes to choosing who I buy everything else from, yes, it matters.

Am I talking about morals? Yes, I think I am. So there. Deal. Small Business rules this digital world. And women? Yeah, we own most of that. And we care a whole lot about what you’re slinging.

‘Cause here’s the thing. After your target market spends its wad on the empty house you built, they come to me. And others who can heal those naive buyer wounds. Those who will lead them to their own greatness, not yours.

I know this won’t make the swindlers stop swindling. Or the scammers stop scamming. But I hope that there is a budding business owner out there that will read this article and digs it. Because I wrote this for you.

It’s super simple to tell the difference between these camps.

Tweet, message, or email us. We respond.
If we don’t, we’re not interested in you. But, hey, we can still process your payment.

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A last word for marketers. You choose a side with every post, every blog, every Tweet.

And each side is valid. But if you tell me how to make me 6K next month, the Top 10 Things I should post on social media, or how I can retire in Costa Rica on 2 hours a week, just know I deleted it.

But your analytics probably already told you told that.

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