The Force Awakens #StarWars Emoji On Twitter

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Yes, the new StarWars episode is just around the corner now and it is all very normal that the buzz is taking on Twitter these days. And it is not going to slow down, with Twitter introducing StarWars emojis!

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To play around with the buzz, Twitter is bringing in some hashtag emoji fun.

Storm Troopers, C3PO and BB-8 – the new rolling droid who popped up in the Force Awakens trailer are all part of the campaign.

Note that you will also get a BB8 emoji when you use #forceawakens in your tweets, probably because the little round droid will have a big part to play in the upcoming blockbuster!

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Simple fun at its best, I’d say. Well done Twitter.

Note that we’ve only been able to see the emojis on Twitter.com and the mobile app. Desktop apps like the one for mac did not show the emojis.

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