The Fascinating World of Blogging [Infographic]

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Some of us (mostly women I suppose), found out about the fascinating world of blogging from Carrie Bradshaw (Yes, I am actually referring to Sex and the City). Blogs provide commentary on a particular subject, as personal online diaries or online brand advertising, combining text, images, links or other media related to the topic. But for most of all, what makes a blog so useful is the ability for readers to leave comments and interact with other readers and the author of the blog of course.

Please find below, some great reasons for which you should begin writing a blog for your company. For those of you who are already bloggers, you can also see some ways to improve your blog posts. Finally, there are also some good examples of well-known business blogs.

Keep in mind that many popular blogs have begun from one starting point: “The Love of Spreading Interests, Knowledge, Hobbies, and Love”.

Therefore, whether you are you are an individual or a company, blogging is a way to express your point of view, spread the news, share some knowledge. If we were to exaggerate a little bit, we could say that blogs are the “father” of all Social platforms. Wouldn’t you agree though?


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