The Facebook Studio Awards – 2014 Winners

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Have you ever heard of the Facebook Studio Awards? They are Facebook‘s own way to recognize the great campaigns that brand and agencies have executed on its platform during the year.

About a week ago, on April 29, the winners of the 3rd Facebook Studio Awards were announced.

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The winners of this year’s Facebook Studio Awards were selected based on three criteria: 1. Craft & Execution

  • – Quality of visuals, aesthetics, and copywriting
  • – Impact in peoples’ News Feeds
  • – Relevance to audience and brand

2. Scale & Execution

  • – Did the campaign reach the intended audience?
  • – Did you reach people where they spend the most time on Facebook’s News Feed and mobile?
  • – Use of Facebook marketing products to extend campaign reach

3. Results

  • – Campaign impact on overall business goals
  • – The ROI of the campaign

Let’s review the best of the best, the Facebook Studio Blue Awards  They reward the best campaigns to have taken place on Facebook this year.

1. “If we made it”

by Droga5 for Newcastle Brown Ale

This year, the average 30 seconds TV commercial during the Superball cost about $4 million, an amount that Newcastle Brown Ale could not, would not, pay for.

So their idea was to produce a parody video about the ad they could/would have made.

As a result of the campaign, brand awareness in the USA grew by 5% and purchase consideration among the target market by almost 20%!

2. Trial by Timeline

by Colenso BBDO for Amnesty International

This campaign for Amnesty International was intended to remind everyone that a person’s civil liberties should never be taken for granted.

Trial by Timeline analyzed Facebook users’ personal profiles, looking at who you were friends with, everything you had ever liked, posted, or written, as well as all of your personal information.

Then, taking into account everything that you had ever said or done on Facebook, Trial by Timeline sentenced Facebook users to hundreds of punishments that they would have received in various parts of the world.

The campaign has attracted 340,000 unique visits with an average visit duration of 7:27 minutes, and increased the Amnesty International New Zealand Facebook community more than 500%.


You can view all the winners from the other categories on this post from HubSpot’s blog.

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