The Downside Of Shortcuts

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I am a big fan of optimization. I love features like Copy + Paste to avoid writing the same sentence more than once and I constantly use recipes in IFTTT to save time storing articles I like or backing up pictures and videos from my phone.

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With all the tools and apps available to make our lives easier, it can be tempting to create shortcuts in your social media strategy.

I Can Push My Facebook Status To Twitter!

“I only have to write things on Facebook and they also get posted on Twitter. Genius!”

If this went through your head don’t feel bad, it is very common. Unfortunately, it looks lazy and sloppy.

Tools like Buffer allow you to post to multiple networks, all from the same place, but you still need to spend some time to plan and customize your posts so they don’t get truncated and use the right @ handles and trending keywords for each network.


As you can see in the example above, the Facebook post is a hundred times more engaging than the one on Twitter. If you are on Twitter, you won’t enjoy the hilarity of the picture unless you click on the link back into Facebook – that’s annoying. More than likely, people will not even click on it and you will miss a chance to engage with your audience.

The good news is that you don’t have to create completely different pieces of content for each network. You can use the same picture, video or post both to Facebook AND Twitter, you might just need to word them differently (so Twitter doesn’t cut you off after 140 characters) and post them separately.

Check out the difference! Isn’t this a thousand times more engaging and pleasant to look at? :)

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I Can Publish Directly From Instagram To Twitter

Yes you can. But how does it look? This is another tempting shortcut that will diminish the effectiveness of your posts. Investing just a minute or two to tweak the posts so they show up correctly on Twitter will increase the chances of people reading and engaging with it.


Uploading the photo directly in Twitter and editing the text to include a link looks like this



If you still want to automate the process, IFTTT has a recipe that automatically posts your Instagram photos to Twitter and shows them as full images instead of links.

The good news is that you can publish from Instagram to Facebook and the posts will look the same but I suggest you go into Facebook to ensure everything looks good, and edit if you see something a bit off.

These are just two examples of features and tools you often see across social networks; unfortunately, instead of helping you engage better with your customers these shortcuts turn your audience away and these posts become missed opportunities to get your message across.

While there are useful apps and tools to free you from doing repetitive activities, carefully planning your social media campaign and customizing posts for each channel ultimately will yield the best results.

Happy Posting!

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