The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

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Businesses have understood the need for Social Media and most of them are now rushing into building their online presence. But rushing is not always the best strategy… while many businesses actually  don’t even have a strategy when it comes to social media.

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The following infographic explains the Do’s and Dont’s a business should know of when launching its social media presence.

What you should remember:

1. Be prepared – know where you want to go

2. Take your time – Great achievements need time

3. Be consistent and Engage

4. Measure and Optimize

5. Do not RUSH, SPAM or get PUSHY

The most common mistake business do when it comes to social media is to RUSH. They want too much, too fast. Posting 10 times a day or over advertising will not help you build a community, it will only result into people living your page…

A bon entendeur….. [Excuse my french :P]

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