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The Demographics of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Audience is the new black. Understanding it will give you the keys to success throughout your social media channels. With targeting options getting meticulously wider across all social platforms, it goes without saying that knowing your audience will help you tailor your message accordingly and achieve greater engagement.

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Each social network has its own audience which evolves and changes as time goes by. We found this comprehensive infographic created by Microsoft Social Listening, that gives us insights of the social media demographics that form our interconnected world.

Key Points to Take Away

  • Facebook remains the most popular social network, with 71% of online users currently enrolled in it.
  • – The social network grows old; It show a 25% decrease on the 13-24 age group, while it demonstrates an impressive 80% increase in users over 54 years old!
  • – Its current enrolment growth consists mainly of college alumni.
  • Only 18% of online users have Twitter accounts.
  • – More than half of its users belong to the 25-34 age group.
  • – Users originating from Asia & Pacific account for the growth of the social network. In the other countries of the world, users seem to abandon the medium.
  • Instagram is just moments behind, having acquired 17% of online users.

You can see the infographic below:

breakdown of Facebook, twitter, instagram audience

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