The Convergence Of Mobile And Social Media

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Social media are more and more linked to mobile usage. It’s not secret, most platforms drive their growth by launching or improving their own mobile apps.

In fact, who could image social networking without a mobile device?

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The following infographic by SOMO takes a look within the fast growing relationship between social media and mobile usage.  And it look like  some social platforms like Twitter will almost solely rely on mobile in the near future!

Key Points To Remember

  • 64% of mobile users have accessed a social networking platform from their device
  • –  75% of Twitter users access the platform via mobile (65% for Facebook)
  • –  Social Apps are among the fastest growing apps on mobile phones
  • – Young professionals and teens have one thing in common: b



It seems difficult nowadays to imagine a Social media strategy without taking mobile into account. What is your opinion and experience on this matter?

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