The Big Social Media Game: User Behaviour

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Social Media is in fact a generic term which is too often limited to the main social networking platforms in people’s mind. Social Media also raises many questions in terms of privacy, searchable information, and on the demographics of users.

Well, iAcquire, a full-service digital marketing agency, and Survey Monkey, a leading provider of web-based survey solutions, recently combined forces to create a study on social media behaivor. The resulting infographic uncovers key information on search privacy concerns, social influence, efficacy of images in search results, social sharing behavior, social preferences by social network and demographic, and more.

Here are a few Key findings from this research, together with our “objections”:

  • Three out of four users object to sharing private search data
    OK, although users do not seem to be in control of what they actually share. Most people tend to not understand or ignore privacy settings.
  • Most individuals are not influenced by their social peers (Facebook “Likes” and +1s)
    This might be true but globally, it is also proven that peer-to-peer interaction is the number one reason behind word-of-mouth. Brands that have a social media presence also seem to get more offline interaction.
  • 50% of users do not care about pictures in search results
    Here it is important to stress that the study talks about pictures in search results. Images remains the most engaging materila when shared on social media platforms.
  • Facebook is NOT preferred by users under 30
    True. But the networks they are actually most active on do not offer as much marketing/advertising possibilities. And there are still active on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • 70% of users do not use Facebook search
    Facebook is a new comer in search. And this is exactly why they are launching Graph Search. Once this is up and running, it might actually be so strong that Google will start worrying…
  • Between 2011 and 2012, the average time spent on social networks has increased 37 percent
    And this is only the beginning as future generations will most certainly  come to increase this number!
  • 75& of older users share content using email, while 60% of younger users share through Facebook
    Again, let time do its job here. Older users are not as open to change. In the coming years, Social Media will certainly attract the olfer generations, especially if someone comes to offer them a dedicated solution (HINT HINT)

Now, explore the infographic and see for yourself:

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