The Best Brand #PiDay Celebrations On Instagram

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Yesterday was March 14th and it was a very special day for all our beloved nerds. For those who did not know, it was #PiDay, and brands took on Instagram to share their love for Pi(e).

March 14. It’s not only a month straight after Valentine’s Day, it’s also the day when we celebrate the number π (3.14).  Pi (π) is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  And this year again, brands jumped on the opportunity to celebrate #PiDay on Instagram.

Here is a selection of our favourites.

The opportunist

Sephora simply chose to promote one of its best seller: Pi by Givenchy.

The Mathematical One

Google reminded us all that they are better at maths.

When it's #PiDay *and* @alberteinstein's birthday, you serve a slice of relativity.

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The Team Pi

The NBA must have dug deep to uncover this one. But it’s a very clever shot.

The “Did You Know?”

One of my favourite for sure: Ford India took this opportunity to teach all of us how Pi is one of the most important variable in calculating car speed!

The Pragmatist

How many Pies would you buy for $3.14?

The Yummy Disney Pop Pies

It’s all in the title, and it looks delicious!

It all adds up to a sweet #PiDay with @disneyfamily! 🍒

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The Funniest One

Let’s help these girls pie their boss!

How did you celebrate #PiDay?

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