The 3 S’s of Digital Content

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Content is King. Content marketing is very hot these days. But digital content must answer some basic rules in order to have the successful impact you expect.

We present the 3 S’s of Digital Content: Searchable, Snackable, Shareable

Searchable – Search is where it all begins on the internet, as consumer’s dependency on search keeps on increasing.

The golden rule: If users can’t find your content, your content is worthless

Snackable -Consumers demand on-the-go information. As the world goes mobile, digital content must be consumed quickly and easily.

Take- Away: Use short length content to tease your visitors into reading more.

Shareable – Your content takes value into reaching the maximum users. Leave space for discussion, open conversations.

Lead the debate but make people want to act and interact with your content.


Go through the following infographic and for even more insight on content strategy, you can review our previous post on the 4 C’s of Social Media Marketing.

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