The 10 Commandments To Boost Your E-Shop With Facebook

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Who can imagine having an e-shop and not taking advantage of Facebook to promote your products and business? Facebook is by far the largest social network out there, and even if other platforms like Pinterest are regarded as more efficient for e-commerce, you simply cannot ignore the reach power of Facebook.

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To make the best out of Facebook to market your e-shop, you should always keep in mind what your customers may be looking for on Facebook. It is crowded on their newsfeed, so try to give them something of value, something that will catch their eye and make them want to click through.

The 10 Commandments to Boost Your E-Shop With Facebook

  1. Use images, they perform better on Facebook than any other kind of posts
  2. Sell the lifestyle around your product, not your product
  3. Create themed product collage, they perform better than simpler product shots
  4. Run giveaways – everyone loves to get something for free
  5. Help your customers recommend your products to their friends
  6. Offer time sensitive discounts to induce urgency
  7. Run contests – Contests excite customers and attract new ones
  8. Get your customers talking, ask questions.
  9. Offer free shipping – it’s one of the basic, make them feel special
  10. Use a custom Facebook store app (like Shopify for example)

Check out the infographic created by Referral Candy, a specialist customer referral software:


Of course these 10 principles apply to all kinds of businesses online. Whether you are actively selling your products online or simply using social media to promote your business, these tips can be applied.

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