That’s It Meerkat Is Now Gone Forever

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It has been a bitter sweet story for the app who first brought live video streaming in the palm of our hands. Meerkat is gone, forever.

Meerkat was the first. And often that also means first to go. There was not enough space for it. Between the Twitter-powered Periscope, the unbeatable Facebook Live and the more recent YouTube live video, Meerkat just could not survive.

A few hours ago, Meerkat was pulled out of the iOS and Android app stores. Ben Rubin, CEO of Meerkat creator Life On Air, confirmed the news. Rubin also explained that he and his team will now be focusing on HouseParty, their new group video chat mobile app.

It is not a surprise. To be honest, most publications, including us, had announced Meerkat’s death a few months back. There was still hope then, that the app will find a second life with some new features. Group live video streaming was one that could have saved Meerkat. But it now seems that the company has decided it was a better idea to launch this as part of the new app and let go of the legacy.

As much as I am saddened to see Meerkat go, I think I agree with their strategy. Goodbye Meerkat, you shall be remembered.

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