Telegram Is Giving Away $1M To Developers To Build Bots

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The “War of the Bots” has begun. Facebook is in full swing with its Bot API, Microsoft is doing the same, and recently Kik launched its own Bot Store. Now, Telegram is giving developers a whopping $1M to develop bots with its API.

Developers have been licking their lips since the announcement yesterday, that Telegram’s founder – Pavel Durov is giving away a total of $1,000,000 in grants, to developers who “create an impressive bot using [its] Bot API”. The amount won’t be given to one person though. Many developers will receive grants that begin at $25,000 each, if they create a bot that makes Durov “smile”.

Apart from that, as well as being “useful” and being able to work in “inline mode”, here are the criteria:

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To submit, you will need to contact BotSupport at #BotPrize. If you want to see some great examples on Telegram, check out @youtube and @foursquare.

  • – It must be fast, just like the rest of Telegram’s interfaces.
  • – It must be useful for at least a few people out there.
  • – We like it when bots also work in inline mode.
  • – Oh, and did we mention it must be fast?

The announcement also explains

Some areas you may want to focus on: integrations, tools for bot builders, AI stuff, and natural language processing, although your bot may do something altogether different. Surprise us!

If you would like to port a bot from a different platform, Telegram won’t mind. All you have to do is “make sure it really feels at home in Telegram”.

The final deadline is December, 31. As soon as you’re ready, go ahead and submit. But don’t forget to mention your bot’s name in the submission. Some more friendly advice can be found here, and have a look here for the intro if you’re “new to this”.

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