Teens Best Choice:Tumblr & Instagram [Infographic]

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Most of you, may like and prefer Facebook and Twitter. Which is normal, bearing in mind that you must be between 25 -35 years old. Have you ever wondered which is the most preferred social platform for youngsters aged 13, 16 or 19?

This infographic from Next Advisor shows that social platforms that are image led channels , like Tumblr or Instagram have grown in popularity and preference amongst 13 to 19 year old users.


One interpretation could be the fact that Teens want to differentiate themselves by their older brothers who tend to choose Facebook or Twitter.

Also, in some cases we could say that Facebook and Twitter are environments where conversations that take place cannot be comprehensible by people who are only 13, by default. Therefore, these people- Teens- feel excluded and find their way to express themselves via platforms, which can be called “To See and to be Seen”.



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