Tackle Your Travel Bug with These Top 8 Travel Apps

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Paving the way to our love of all things mobile, social media is doing much more than opening up more convenient methods of interaction. Thanks to social media, millions of apps allow us to have access to everything with a touch of a screen.

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Applications aren’t just for computers anymore, and they allow us to search for homes/flats, shop for groceries, keeping up to date on the news and our lives, and so much more.

But this summer, it’s opening up our minds to the world of travel making traveling not only easier, but more affordable than ever before.

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We are now able to:

  • – Travel anywhere in the world with the touch of a screen
  • – Find the best deals on flights, hotels, restaurants and more
  • – Uncover hidden gems in ANY city
  • – Read, create and share reviews all over the world regarding specific places from REAL people

And these are only a few of the impacts apps and social media have travel industry.

So without further or due, in no particular order, here are:

2015’s Top 8 Social Media Travel Apps You MUST Have

1. Skyscannerskyscanner_logo_app

Skyscanner is a leading free, global travel search app that allows consumers all over the world access the cheapest flights, hotels and car rentals on the web as well as much needed travel tips and news.

2. TripIttrip-it1

TripIt is a super convenient app that allows you to keep all of your travel information organzied in one place without being online. From your flight itinerary to your travel documents, everything is at your finger tips.

3. TripAdvisorunnamed

Reaching 340 million monthly visitors, featuring over 45 countries, Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel site, and your onestop shop for all things travel. From reviews and bookings for flights, hotels (4.9 million), travel plans and customer reviews (225 million), Trip Advisor has it all.

4. PackPoint

unnamed (1)

For those notoriously forgetful travelers, PackPoint keeps you in line. It does all the hardwork of a packing list by organizing what you need based on the length of travel, weather , and any activities you intend to do. So you are gaurenteed to always be prepared.

5. Airbnb

downloadWith over 35 million users, accomodations in over 34,000 cities and 190 countries, Airbnb is a travelers dream. Whether you are in need of a  a flat for a night, or a villa for a week, Airbnb allows people to have affordable unique travel experiences. These aren’t hotels, it is a community of people offering up their homes, extra space and more.  You pick the place, the prce and can even read reviews from previous travelers. So if you
want a fun, unmatched experience Airbnb is a sure bet.

6. Localeur


Be a traveler and not a toursit with this community centered app. Although currently available only in major US cities, Localeur is the Yelp of local gems. Forget tourist stops, Localeur un
covers what its like to be local by providing you with favorite “local” venues to eat, drink and play; allowing you to blend in and have a unique travel experience.

7. Uber

download (1)

Sick of flagging down cabs? Available in over 57 countries worldwide, Uber gives you the choice of your very own cab and driver at your request. Before you even book, the app tells you the fare estimate (based on your chosen type of car) and ETA so you can make sure your ride works for you. Accessing the city has never been easier or more affordable.

8. Instagram

372106-instagram-logoWhile traveling is fun, nothing makes it more worth it than to share you experiences and what better way to do so via photos. With over 100 million active users and 400 million photos shared per day, Instagram is making the world creative by making everyone aphotographer. The app allows you to not only capture photos, but edit them and share them with your friends, family and network. Their latest add Hyperlapse
that allows you to take video/photo clips of your experiences allowing your expereiences to come to life for your following.

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading, planning and traveling! It’s now more convenient and afforadble than ever! See for yourself!

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