Swarm Brings Gaming Back

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After pulling the plug in mayorships and leaderboards back in 2014, Swarm has now made a quasi 180 degree turn and has reintroduced some important gamification features, in attempt to lure its user base back to the app. Will it succeed?

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First thing first, though. Foursquare has re-introduced leaderboards for its Swarm app. In the past (and before the split of the apps), each check in yielded some points which were used to rank users on the leaderboard.

Right now, Swarm will award coins with every check in and users will be ranked according to these. As expected users can win more coins if they check in with friends or become mayors, etc. The leaderboard resets every Sunday at midnight and those who finish near the top earn a bonus prize – what might that be?

But why coins? It looks like the app could be oriented towards some sort of in-app purchase solution that could possibly let it monetise the app. Here’s the contradiction, though. The main reason why Foursquare was split in two apps was about keeping Swarm ad-free and run promotions on Foursquare.


Within the following months, we saw promoted tickers coming to both apps but we were also there to experience the dramatic loss of interest towards Swarm and Foursquare. With this move, Foursquare most probably wants to win back its lost user base and make Swarm fun, again. Swarm will get to offer gamification, while granting advertisers and retailers a way to facilitate product purchases.

According to their announcement, this is not the only update. Swarm has also a revamped “Here Now” feature, which makes it easier to see who else is there.

Will you use Swarm more frequently, now that leaderboards are back up?

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